Why do white girls like black men - Guide to Black men

In recent light of Ochocinco and his jumpoff(s) as well as many other silly findings. It leads to the very old question, why do white girls like black guys (or why do people think that). A trip to the mall could show the trend in at least 5% interracial couples, as well as teenage girls in high school and of course it depends on where you live. If you live in the city you will see more than that percentage and if you live in a small conservative area, you will see a very small percentage and perhaps none. So what is this allure and mysterious yearning black men have for white women?

One of the very many things black men think about white girls is that they easy, and don't have too many standards. Black women are seen as a challenge, and often times black men simply want a girl to get a nut off and not have to impress or put on a show, hence Ice T, Ochocinco etc, successful black men going after easier target. Most black men who go after white women don't have to be tall, built, overly good-looking , charismatic etc, they just have a good personality and are usually outgoing...sometimes. Most of the black guys that have great personality that attracts you to them. They tend to keep themselves busy and enjoy the time they have. Most people categorize black people as dangerous, thieves, murders, prostitutes, rapist, monkeys, money hungry, drug dealers and lazy. Black people themselves are just like any other human beings and for there is no problem in a white girl dating a black man.

There are many things that most girls look for in a guy. First they look for good personality, and then they look for the rest. The reset of course is height, facial structure, body sculpture, hygiene, social status and education. Now keep in mind these are things a mature older women might look for in a man but teenage girls tend to look for a guy who is tough or acts tough looking enough on the exterior and has a good status in their school.

The famous Saying!

The famous saying “ Once you go Black, you never go back!”. I think I heard this saying when I was in grade 5. I didn’t know the meaning of this till I was in grade 7. I still clearly don’t understand the saying. Some white girls say said they find black men really hot because of the way their body sculpture, some girls found that they can pleasure them more, some girls thought it was cool to be different, some of them just love their personality. I’ve also talked to some black guys that have dated white girls and their response was different. They found the white girls more innocent, they found them clean and exotic. I think the saying once you black you never go back is not always true but it can be true in some cases. The thing is when black and white come together I think both parties try really hard to fulfill their stereotypes or live up to them, so the black man actually WORKS harder towards pleasing his woman more than he would with his black partner and thus reinforces the belief.

Is it a modern thing? 

Definitely, a decade ago it was not common practice. May be white women did want to date black men before but the law and other things were preventing them from dating or getting married. Interracial dating and marriages became very common in the 90s and in the present time more and more white girls are dating black men. It is actually a good idea for the future of man kind because people need to understand that there is nothing wrong with interracial marriages.

Is it true that they have more then average?

I think this is a myth because there is no evidence to back it up. It all depends on the person, even in White, Asian or in any other race there are guys with more then average size inside the pants. I think the media has made people believe that black men always have more then average. So I don think white girls are after black men for that. May be they want to experience how it feels but I don't think they go back and date black guys because of their size.

So then why are they going out with them?

There are numerous reason why white girls are interested in black men. It can be because they love the person they are with. It can be because they want to experience how it feels to be with a different race. Another reason can be because they feel that they look or feel unique by having a black boyfriend. Also because they treat them good and make them feel like a queen.

I know many people are still surprised and angry when they see a white girl with a black guy. But the truth is time is changing and so is the way of living. You should respect everyone's opinion and choices.

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