Tough night for Ms Keri Hilson- performs for empty venue

Poor thang. Imagine taking a 17 hour flight to perform and nobody shows up to hear you sing.

Welcome to Keri Hilson's world...

Ms Keri baby was set to perform in Abuja, Nigeria for the Face of Sofa Lounge show. Prior to her arrival rumors of the event being barely publisized were circulating as fans thought thee was little to no hype about the show. 
Unfortunately, people present at the show which took place at the  International Conference Center, report that it was an outright flop, scantily attended, and sent me pictures below showing how empty the hall was.

Tickets for the show were 
Regular : $48, VIP $127 , "VVIP" $3174 

I wonder if the VVIP ticket included a nigh with Keri Hilson.
Whereas, early this month the Minister said, About Half of Abuja Households Earn Less than $190 per Month!! SMH

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