America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Aminat poses for cheap photoshoot

This (was) is Aminat from Cycle 12 ANTM with barely passable pictures in her cycle. So far she went on to:

I had a good laugh looking at this nonsense. Why does the male have chalk on his head? Why is he even in the shoot?  The jeans are off key and are not in place with the model. She looks cheaper than the shoot already made her look with the boy in that background. The chalk in his hand? Tacky ?? Who was the photographer? A wedding photographer? A student photographer in his freshman year? Someone's just bought a new sidekick phone?

So she went to ANTM to do this. That's a shame and waste of her life. The other contestants have gone on to do campaigns and book contracts with Abercrombie, H&M, and a host of other top jobs. Helping out your native magazine is okay, looking tacky with it, shame.

Susan Says:

She has good height and body, but the face resembles that of a platypus. She will not make it to Europe at all. If luck happens to come her way, it’ll be commercial work in different cities in America. I doubt NYC will accept her. The elite commercial market in NYC has high standards for how one should look.
Aminat will be stuck doing underground print work. She won’t book runway often because of her face. When a model walks down the runway, her face has to be elegant (as in “European fashion” elegant). Hers is more suitable for hip-hop modeling. She should stick to that. Now, if she looked like Sandra, then she would be shipped to Paris immediately.

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