A$AP Rocky Enters no guilty plea on robberry charges.

The A$AP Mob members noticed the two amateur photographers trying to capture him on camera and when he approached them a fight broke out which was interrupted by police who booked the rapper and Bar$, according to TMZ.
Two questions come to mind every single time. 1. Why do people still follow this weird moron? Why is a weirdo who robs still hailed after supposedly being a role model for teens? That's poisonous, although then again, people follow any and everything (wacka flocka?)A$AP Rocky has entered a plea of not guilty to charges that he tried to rob two photographers last week in New York after they took pictures of him. Rocky and A$AP Biggie Bar$ were taken into police custody last Thursday and charged with 2nd degree robbery.
Both Rocky and Bar$ entered not guilty pleas on Friday and they are both scheduled to appear again in court on Wednesday, although the reason for the second court appearance is currently unclear.

The two amateur photographers were apparently left with cuts and bruises after the scuffle and one of them had to be taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

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