RazB outs downlow gay rappers and hiphop artists, publishes tell-all memoir

This summer is set to be an exciting one! Yes, no? one week 3 guys have eaten others up. Yum! Yay for more sales to Resident Evil Games and Humans Vs Zombies - I wonder who we should be afraid of human zombies or zombies....anyway EA better make some profit off this or maybe the whole violence on tv /games is finally realizing itself. As if all that talk about Humans eating faces, lungs, hearts, eyeballs, hands and brains didn't get you all excited, hungry, disgusted, scared, and confused about what century you live in Raz B tips off the beginning of the summer with some news we can all cling to.. Finally right, something worth reading about.  You're welcome.

How many times over the past few years have we seen someone — usually a conservative politician or a prominent preacher — who bashes gays relentlessly in public eventually exposed as being in the closet themselves? Too many. It seems like it still happens every few weeks, in fact. It’s just about become a fact of life that the most homophobic among us are almost certainly eating up d*ck in secret, psychology proves it.

So RazB claims the well known OVER THE TOP machismo masculine front from Hip hop artists is all a charade.. they go down on sometimes women and...get this....with EACH OTHER.. that's right... Trey has been singing I invented sex to...well...not you sadly,...but Drake. and Chris remember when Rihanna gave him the EX card right....apparently, Chris brown didn't care as he was getting it popping... his cherry that is...with @andre_merritt you can give him a shout out! Raz B goes INNNN on Marques Houston,Bow wow, Chris stokes, Ray j,  Omarion and a host of other homothugs....enjoy the sushi roll of drama that ensues..I personally can't wait to see who ends beaten up unconsciously in a hospital, who comes out (Update: FRANK OCEAN DID!) and who finally caves in.
 Chris Brown and his orgy crew have been threatening to sue Raz B for defamation yet lightly avoiding this topic...and Razb seems to have ALL the proof...... Who's lying? Have more tips or think you know who the main ho is, share your thoughts in the comments box.

(that last tweet ...HAM!)

chrisbrown: I talk to u the way i want to ma nigga, i sell out shows u still a nobody except for writing songs for major celebs thats all. 
chrisbrown: Just cuz we messed around a few times dont mean u shouldnt respect a nigga. Am the shit hence F.A.M.E fag
chrisbrown: Yeah i enjoyed when u fcked the shit outta me nigga but thats only in the moment, only a stupid nigga would reject an opportunity like that
chrisbrown: FckU, FOX NEWS, Good Morning America, AND every1 else who thinks i need fcking anger management. u did not complain when u were hittin this
chrisbrown: And nigga I heard bout u hooking with Trey too. U can stay fckin dat homie i stay selling out shows ahaha
MartynWorld: I ain’t gay bro am bi..and proud like fergie, nicki and Jessie j. U the one hiding. What I do n with whom is my business.
MartynWorld: Dude imma get 500,000 followers to shut u up. Just watch. Make sure no1 wants to interview me bout u cuz I’ll speak. Remember am bi n proud

so he's flat out mentioning people on twitter and noone is gonna respond....hmm..sounds suspect

one of chris brown's other lover that came out with it earlier this year


  1. boogieboiJuly 23, 2012

    he was always a gay wannabe thug

  2. Replies
    1. What the Fuck Chris Brown

    2. Damn, dancing ass Nigga. Seems like you fucking like you dance. Men that is. Bumping nuts. Don't that shit hurt

    3. Was that a Nigga,calling ? When you an Rhianna got into it. There's no way a man , can take the place of a women

    4. Seems like all the singing,dancing,ass Nigga . Are fucking one another. SMFH.

    5. Seems like all the singing,dancing,ass Nigga . Are fucking one another. SMFH.

    6. The love of money is the root of all evil. Cats getting rumped ranged for money & fame! Can't take it with you after this life, so why sell out on eternal life for it now?


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