ANTM hosts new Judge Rob Evans

 Take a whisp of ANTM's new judge Rob Evans. After Tyra Banks fired three of her longtime judges from America's Next Top Model (Nigel Barker, J. Alexander, Jay Manuel) two months ago, she announced that the next cycle of ANTM needed a new “boost.” And now, The CW has released details on what exactly those changes will be. They may be making a lot of changes to ANTM, hopefully they'll still keep people watching or it could impact the show's viewership in a huge negative way, I mean people watch the show to see Mr & Ms Jay . Are these new judges exciting enough to replace our favorites? An insider from the show says that the firings were “a production decision” and that there are “major changes planned for [season] 19.” Tyra is doing a lot jumping too much into a new show altogether, she should take it a step at a time not rush in and change everything. What do you think of new eyecandy judge Rob?.. Pics after the jump

We will all be concentrating on the judge, show

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