What a good man needs from a woman

Despite people often saying that all you have to do to please a man is to freak him and feed him, a man; well at least a real man actually needs a little more than that.

Some men do not care if you feed them.. Heck they will cook for you or take your to your favorite restaurant. They have no problem if you never cook a meal.  Every man is different, a woman has to follow his hints to figure him out.
There really is no “how to stop a man from cheating” guide that is guaranteed. But there are some things a woman can do to help strengthen her relationship with her mate and keep her man happy.
These things usually apply to the majority of men.  But,  if you have a no good man at home, you can just stop reading right now. Because it does not matter what you do. He just wants you to do everything – cater to him, treat him like a King and tell him he is the greatest although deep down he knows that he is a piece of shat. But he still requires that you treat him just the opposite.  You can be patient and hold onto the relationship all you want to.  Just know that things will never change and you are wasting your precious time. More than likely nothing will stop him from cheating.
Now on to the good men.

6 Things That A Good Man Needs From His Woman

1.  R. E. S. P. E. C. T. – Aretha Franklin sang that song so well. “Just A Little BIt’ A little bit of respect and treating a man as a man goes a long way.  I don’t care if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. When you get home leave your power and aggression at the office. When you get home you are someone’s woman or someone’s wife. You should be in your most feminine form of nature. Talk to him respectfully, trust him and allow him to make decisions. listen to him, be confident in him and please don’t always have to have the last word and act like you know everything, even though you probably do. A man does not want to feel inferior to him woman.   Be attentive to his needs.  You may be tired but this is the life you chose; so your man needs a little pampering, cause his day was hard too.
2. APPRECIATION – For some reason men like to be thanked for everything. Women often times feel like they do not need to thank a man for doing what he is supposed to do anyway.  But contrary to all the lies that are out here. A good man that you actually LIKE and want to be with is hard to find and when you get one YES  he does want to be appreciated for his goodness.  If he buys you a gift and you don’t like it. Don’t let him know. You must be thankful for his efforts.. If you do tell him you don’t like it you have just notified him that making another effort to do something like that again would be pointless because you would not appreciate it.  He also has to feel needed, don’t be so independent that there is nothing that he can do for you. Let him do some things for you.
3. SPACE –  Men need space. I’m not saying let him run loose and give him space like  the Final Frontier of Star Trek but he indeed does need a little space to do his thing. Rather that thing be video games, watching sports, drinks with his friends or time in his private study. Men need these moments of time to regroup and help them enjoy life. It’s like a rechargeable battery for them.. It helps them function better.  So if your man wants to go to the strip club with his buddies don’t get upset. Let him go (as long as he is not the trick of the year and won’t trick off your entire mortgage for the month) Strippers are actually not as easy as you may think they are. Those girls know they are strictly there for entertainment.  Now if he wants to go there all the time and become a regular then yes that is a problem. But every once in a while with his boys should be no big deal.

4. A HOT MEAL – I believe that if a woman is into a man, even if she does not know how to cook her love and appreciation for a good man should guide her to becoming a great cook.  At the least he deserves to be able to come home to a great meal cooked by his honey. There are cookbooks, Google is your best friend and will teach you how to cook anything. All you have to do is type it in the search engine.. If you are busy utilize a crock pot, you can go home and check it on your lunch break.  Feel free to use boxes and cans, everything doesn’t have to be from scratch.  Occasionally surprise him with something new. Learn his favorite dish and get them down precisely. And if you really want to be a badd chick learn some recipes that no other woman in your immediate vicinity will know..  Like a foreign dish or two. Feed that man. Even dogs come home to eat. He must come home to eat. And a good man won’t stray when he knows he has a hot plate of food at home waiting on him.

5. HE DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE HIMSELF – This is where unconditional love comes into play. A lot of great men’s success comes behind them having a woman that loves them unconditionally. She accepts his good and his bad and takes them both. She is not sitting around patiently and getting upset with his habits waiting on him to change.  One thing about a good man is that he is who he is. Other than a few minor details there will be no changes. He is who he is when you married him. Habits are old and hard to change. 30 Days Make a Habit and after years and years of having one it is hard to change.  If he smokes he probably won’t stop smoking unless he wants to.  If you insist on changing him, you must first change yourself.
6. GREAT SEX – Few men don’t like head and they don’t want their woman doing wild things in the bedroom.  Those are weirdos. We are going to ignore them here.  You should be your man’s personal porn star once you hit the bedroom. You don’t have to get in on the fruity in the booty stuff if you don’t want to. But there is other things that you must learn how to do.
  •  Perfect The Blow job -  Don’t you hate when a man goes down on you and doesn’t know what he is going or only stays down for 30 seconds? Well now you know how a man feels about effortless fellatio. A blow job is not a nice and neat job. It is a wet and sloppy  act of gratification.  You should not only learn to like it but you should study videos, and written techniques on how to perfect it. Combine that with listening to your man’s body to see what movements and styles he likes the best. Don’t be afraid to ask him and have him guide you.
  •  Stripper Moves are awesome -  I don’t care if your image is Michelle Obama. You should have some special little outfits, some heels, a wig, an itunes playlist and a few moves to surprise him and seduce him on at least special occasions or as congrats for his achievements. Men should not always have to do all of the work in the bedroom, come out of your shell sometimes and become a seductress. Practice in the mirror, flow with the music and just go with it. Don’t be afraid to be silly. And don’t be shy stripper. Have a glass of wine or two if need be.
These things will increase happiness in a relationnship. Don’t become a homebody and stop wanting to go out and enjoy life. You and your mate should share some activity that you do together outside of the kids. You should have some type of goals in common.   Lastly, don’t get comfortable..     

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