Sex does NOT equal happiness study proves

An excellent post last week, detailed how afterall, a lot of sex happens to diminish, rather than boost our happiness. The article stated promiscuity is not associated with increased happiness and, in fact, the number of sexual partners needed to maximize happiness is exactly one.

It also put a clarity on the fact that everyone else is having less sex than most times we actually think. Everybody knew Trey Songz, and Drake were not getting that much play, although I think Lil Wayne is an exception to that research. Get this,the median adult American has sex  2 to 3 times a month. Even younger people, under forty, only have sex once a week, on average. Only 7% have sex more than 4 times a month and 18% have none at all. Students have less sex than others of the same age and married people have more.
All that for being single and ready to mingle. If we take the information we have on people’s lives and combine it with a subjective measure on well-being, researchers can make predictions on how sexual behavior influences individual happiness.
Other interesting facts were that younger people are happier in general, but not made any happier by having sex than older people are money may bring you happiness, but it won’t buy you more sex, homosexuals afterall aren't  gay in the literal sense of the word and the big knocker, people with more sexual partners are less happy than those who have just one.
figured id let the ladies have me promiscous
Another big one was that men who use prostitutes are also less happy. That is, promiscuous people are less happy and people who cheat in marriage (10% of the married people in the sample have had sex with more than one person in the previous year) are less happy
The award for most freaky, horny people - are not Americans (Disappointed) but Finland afterall!!! All that cold air gets them worked up and heated. 
Head on there to read more details on the research, kudos to that author, very indepth. 

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