Top 5 Make-Up Questions Answered

Our female readers sent in their question for make up from last week and we brought in a special guest - a make up artist to answer your beauty questions
1. Question: Is there any way to make my lipstick put all day ?

Answer: Unfortunately theres no such thing as a 24-hour lipstick,no matter what some cosmetic manufactures claim.The longest lasting lipstick are those with the thickest,driest textures,although this can mean they leave your lips feeling quite dry,especially if you use them day in,day out.However you can look for lipstick sealers,which are clear gels that you paint over your lips after you have applied your lipstick.Once they’re dry,these lipstick sealers helps your lipstick stay put at least past your first coffee of the day.

2Question: My mascara always seems to run on to my skin and leaves me with ‘panda eye’.What can I do ?

Answer: Using a variety of waterproof mascara should help if you are prone to this problem,or you can ‘seal’ your normal mascara with a coat of a clear mascara.
Alternatively,dip a cotton bud (swab) in eye make-up remover for fast touch ups before the mascara can dry on your skin.Another more long-term,solution is to have your eyelashes permanently dyed regularly at a reputable beauty salon.
3. Question: I have difficultly keeping up with the changing colours of my skin in summer,as I gradually get a tan.Its so expensive constantly buying new foundations!
Answer: Stick with the colour that suits you when you have at your palest in the middle of the winter.Then also buy a small tube of dark foundation designed for black skins.Blend just a drop or two into your ordinary foundation on the back of your hand before applying,to darken it so that so that it matches your tan.This means you can change your foundation as often as you need to,without having to spend a fortune on different shades.
4.Question: Lipstick alyaws looks awful on my mouth because my lips are so flakey, and its impossible to create a smooth finish. Is there a solution ?
Answer: Slick your lips with a thick coat of petroleum jelly,and leave it for 10 minutes to give it a chance to soften any hard flakes of skin.Then cover your index finger with a damp flannel and gently massage your lips.This removes the petroleum jelly and the flakes of dead skin should come off with it,leaving your lips supple and smooth.
5.Question: Can you recommend something that will cover my birthmark even when I go swimming ?
Answer: You need a specialized foundation that will give ultimate coverage, look opaque and be waterproof, look for a specialized range of camouflage creams tailor-made to cover skin imperfections,such as scars and port wine stains as well as birthmarks. The formulation means they are applied differently to ordinary foundation. They are applied with fingertips using a “dab,pat”motion.They are available for make-up suppliers and some dermatologists.

There you have it , your top 5 make up questions answered for the week, we are taking more questions and answering many more in the mid-week. 

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