Casper Smart comes out as gay

It's gay month in Hollywood and everyone is finally coming out the closet! Eye candy backup dancer Casper Smart has been dating Jennifer Lopez for seven months, but recently , The Daily Trumpeter has exclusively learned one of his fellow dancers says Casper's actually gay and is just using J.Lo for her fame and fortune! (Newsflash!? J lo needs to take Mariah Carey's step and marry some young blood). Joshua Lee Ayers -- a dancer at Hollywood nightclub Boulevard3, who's worked on Glee and with artists such as Fergie, LL Cool J,Natasha Beddingfield and Ludacris -- has been blasting Casper on his Twitter account.

"Check out Ur boy… And his low key homo ways," Joshua wrote on a photo of Casper that he posted on his Twitter account in March.

In the photo, Casper is shirtless, wearing shiny gold short shorts obviously stuffed with something, a sparkly bejeweled belt, a scarf and a deer hunter hat while surrounded by other shirtless men in their underwear.

On May 24, Joshua posted another photo of Casper showing off his cheekbones with the caption: "I know what I know, Not love, a lot of business and public relations."

check that 'straight' lip pout

The now sour love birds, Joshua and Casper appeared in the 2010 dance flick Step Up 3D together and have done several dance gigs in the past.

"Casper is not gay. These comments are born from envy and jealousy," the couple's rep, Mark Young, said according to our source.

Bottom line is, sometimes ( A LOT OF TIMES) women, especially celebrities, seem to reduce their thinking to simple basic reasoning. A lot to note here is that good sex can probably make up for a lot of things.

"When a backup dancer, becomes the choice of dating, and you're "shocked" he wants you for your fame?? Hello? Wake up. Just as rappers dating strippers and complaining that the women are not "wifey" material? Hel fucking -lo?!!!!!!!! The truth is to know what the bargain is and go with it. Two, a gay backup dancer - newsflash?? With the twists and swerves your simple ass should know . Just as when Don Lemon came out the closet, I guess I was the only one who wasn't surprised. " our exclusive report said.

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