Ochocinco looking like a puppy - Usual Attention Whore

Reality TV Ruined My Life
The attention ploys are never satisfactory for Chad Ochocinco, I mean Chad Johnson (1), after changing his name and calling himself an employed black man (oh brother!), to getting a reality show, to posting a picture of an ATM in his room on twitter, to Lozada to his half baked white thrash he was cheating on to rumors of him being gay on the Down low etc.. ((why wouldn't the Miami Dolphins be pissed? I'm sure if you were them you'd be fed up with a grown man acting like a baby and making a scene everywhere he went). Ochocinco recently came on tv looking like a wet puppy begging for another round of attention saying - "reality tv ruined my life". Ochocinco Johnson, take it from us, you need help (mental or psychological) helping you figure why you keep ruining your life and why you're never satisfied with attention.. We'll be praying for you.

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