Gay downlo men express their frustration at gay boy openly tweeting them? - priceless caption

Ann email tip just came in from a reader and it definitely had to be put out, too hilarious. Last week or thereabout, a 1 day hit waved on the notorious WSHH, as another new kid on the block posted himself going on a gang bang on some chick @Broskiii . Since then word is that his gay/downlo (however we will term it) associates have been questioning him about his motives especially since they (said Worldstarlebrity and his homthugs) were not too long ago recently indulged and they have since terminated every communication with the very merry boy  Well, the gay boy has been getting several threats (online of course and we pray it stops there for daring to mention the names of those who he has let hit his bunani. The tip claims to be
a concerned source since in recent news hate crimes, beatups and bullying have been on the rise towards merry people. Now the back and forth tweet threats and tweet wars begin. Since I was too lazy to upload the images go pry on the respective tweet accounts. S/O to @Sokhavyhilton

U officially the gayest nigga on twitter Bruh don't ever try and roast me again 
 why are you talking shit about  but you following him?

Peep the melodramatic Twiggas. All jobless,  n gay as fuck. ALL arguing about a guy on twitter. SMH. Are they all 14, we pray so. Aren't they all supposed to be holding the door at Walmart? Any education readers could offer them all coupons to the closest high school.

  <--- Did this nigga just describe himself as beautiful and gracious? Dr King didn't march for this...




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  • U look like the ultimate faggot in your twitcon smdh what kinda man wears hazel colored contacts? 

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