Don't play with my money :Flo Rida Served legal papers via Facebook

 Next to my friend requests, pokes from unearthly creatures, and sick’ning Michael Jordan pumps (that will be great with my outfit for Beyonce’s comeback slayings at Revel in a few weeks) we have Flo Rida being called out for being a no show.
Oh, the things we find on Facebook.
Flo Rida now has 28 days to legally respond to Australian club promoters Mothership Music after skipping out on a performance he was scheduled for down under back in October.

According to a statement by Brent Lean who runs the company:
“We tried to serve him physically on several occasions when he was out here but he got wise to it pretty quickly.
We couldn’t get near him in the end because he was constantly surrounded by an entourage and security, so we looked into ways of serving him via Facebook because he’s very active on social media.”
The New South Wales District Court put a hold on Flo’s Australian assets back in March in hopes he would pay up. Too bad he didn’t hand over the $55,000 pre-payment back then because now all his business has been spilled across the internet.
Brent stated, “Now we’re confident the matter is coming to a close. All we’ve ever wanted is an explanation and our money back and an apology.”

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