Ms Kenya Moore...RUDE!

In a recent interview Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore insisted bad editing was to blame for her coming off as a mean girl on the show.

Well that's not what I heard. According to an old frienemy of Kenya's her mean girl days go all the way back to high school...

According to the friend, who reached out to TDT, Kenya was part of a mean girl clique at Cass Tech high school who were known for smoking, drinking and only dating older guys with money.

The source claims Kenya's gold digger status in high school became legendary after one of her older boyfriends, a suspected street pharmaceutical rep, ferried Kenya and her mean girl clique from downtown Detroit to Metro beach on his yacht. Well Ms Kenya at least admits to Ms Phaedra that her emotional issues dealing with her mom rejecting her had to do with her bad attitude

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