3 Reasons I want to unfriend my black friends and make other race ones

1. Black people seem to have a uniform mentality .Black boy's thoughts (most times REGARDLESS of education level) : 

" shid man, let's get the bitches yo, lets get high yo, lets fuck yo, oh shitt is Meek Mills new album yo, Damn I need to get a fade son, Yo that bitch thick as fuck, Man im tryna get at that bitch, she bad, Why ain't you hooping with us today mayne, I'm about to hit the gym, Yo it's friday we about to party and get 'crunk', We geekin and getting high as fuck, I'm tryna fuck, The Steelers bout to play yo, Yo the white man is against us, Waddup my nigga, Im bout to get the Air Jordans, Yo the iphone 7 drops today son we catching the bus to get it, Man i need  a job, Yo Im successful I got the bitches 3 rolls royce and a house im paid, My hair so wavy, Shorty I can fuck u right I got a big ass dick, ma name is Dinero/Rozay/Boss/ (instagram, twitter, Facebook etc),  I got polo (for the tad bit more "advanced" it progresses to Gucci/Louis Vuitton [MOST OFTEN misspelled] or Chanel and Coach for the women) errything, swagged out, Iced out s fuck, we wildin', Im a Boss (deepens voice and wears a suit and shirt),

Thats it, nothing else. Nothing creative, nothing lucrative. The "entrepreneurs" are dope boys or hot boys. It's dumb down  all the way. There's no difference. The 'educated' ones just word it out better with more indepth vocabulary, the core ideas are the same. Why? Is it genetic or generational? then again everyone is not a rule.
I can certainly predict a black boy's LIFE CYCLE just by watching him WALK! How simple! Nothing complex about them, thats a sad life.

2. Black Intellectuals DONT like black people. They're the only race which their academicians don't like them. NB: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are NOT black intellectuals, they're just "celebrity" black people.

3. The REAL black people (Africans) don't like 'black'  people either. That's ironic. Irish people seem to jive well with White people.

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