Four types of people in Life.

The unattractives who break their bodies at the gym and wear all sorts of makeup to feel attractive, most likely found to squint their eyes and/or bite their lips in all their pics, excessively use slangs to sound tough and cool and at the heart of it, are simply loyal followers. They make a great team (most likey to be a part of a Celebrity's posse and always following someone more attractive/popular than them. Wears expensive clothes and colognes for the mage and loves good hair.


The actually attractive people who don't find it necessary to over show off. More likely interested in speaking as articulately as possible and coming off as intelligient, deep and profound. Difficult to work with as they take cautionary steps towards dealing with people. Know they are attractive and don't see why anyone should pretend like they aren't - sometimes translated as cocky. Group A is always found around this type, calling them their "homies" best friends, etc. Not as socially forward as most people presume, usually have an awkward streak about them. Is always under fire from the envious. Their friends are rarely (as) attractive .
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  1. true shit,the unattractive ones are annoying as hell


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