Fuckery - "tity" boi ft Yo gotti

This is the nonsense corrupting young open minds. I was at the train station and this young 16 year old lad (boy) came up to me and started a convo, well he ended up sitting next to me and asking me all sorts of questions. AND had this song playing so i looked it up when i came back -  it was is -AwFUL

Check out commentary from : Today's Bad Song

Prepare yourself... for laughter!   (video NSFW!   You've been warned.)

 I haven't seen a video this low rent since Chalie Boy - I Look Good.  They have ONE unopened liquor bottle, a bunch of average looking women in tight dresses, and a car that they dance near.  

Enjoy the lyrics folks, painfully transcribed.

Let's start at the chorus:

"I just call her boo
I don't know her whole name
keep it on the low mane
all we eat is lo mein
Came from the block
now i got a whole thang
and you better put a lowjack on your hoe mane"

So you're having sex with a girl whose name you do not know?  Brilliant!  I think the low mane/lo mein wins an award for laziest rhyme of the year. 

I hate the title "boo."  Adults who use this to refer to another person need to grow up.  It's so infantile,(swaggadocious) and indicative of a child like (real n*gga)mindset.

"I just call her boo
I think her name is Shana
What I really know about a girl that drive da Honda
I just call her boo
Think her name is Esha
Might be Tasha
Might even be Keesha
All I really know her baby daddy want a feature
And when she ran up on me she d*mn near had a seizure
See I just call her boo
Think her name is Anna
Met her in Miami
Said she from Atlanta
I just call her boo
And she fi'in to scoop
And she like to drink and like to smoke my reefer too
See I just call her boo 
Think her name was Tanya 
I know she from Decatur 
She got a stupid onion"

The intelligence level drops further and further.  Gah, what is this stupidity.  They lyrics are bad, and the delivery is worse. 

Young Gotti chimes in next:
"Shawty stupid dumb thick I just call her red
Now that I think about it maybe I should call her head
She got that super fie
I can't even lie
She like a water park
She ain't never dry
And I just call her babe
And she just call me Gotti
Ain't no relationship
We just f*ckin' sharp
She got her own bread
Shawty scoop me in a drop
Her momma on some day curls
Her brother got them blocks
And she a college girl
I hit her in the dorm
On the hard floor
She got her sh*t together
So I respect her more
So if she ask me for some money she is not a whore"

You should call her head?  What respect your show your partners!  You gotta love the fact that she's not a whore because she's in college and asking for money.  Awful, awful, awful.   

Let's see where Tity Boi ends so we can all get out of here. 

"I hate lame n*ggas so this a hate crime
Rich n*gga should of (unintelligible) on the bank sign
Got a glock 40 on my waist line
Just bought a new crib by the lakeside
What is life? Life is love and I love my girl.
So if life a b*tch then I'm tryin' a f*ck the world
Yeah I'm f*ckin' girl, you ain't gotta go back
Call and tell 'em that your p*ssy got kidnapped
And she layin' with her forehead on my sixpack
Yeah we got somethin' in common we like big stacks
Yeah I know her name, but I like to call her boo
You shoulda put a trip on her so she wouldn't move"

I have no words.  This is amateur hour, low grade crap.  In it's debut week on Billboard, this song is sitting at number 91.  People are listening to this crap.  Now that you know the lyrics, now that you know how awful it is, please turn it off when it comes on.  The less they play it, the easier it is to avoid on the radio.

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