What to expect as US forces arrive home in numbers

Throughout history the mass return of soldiers from war has always surreptitiously ushered a new era of the century. The influx of soldiers from the second war gave rise to the birth of the mass baby boomers. As US soldiers return home it is right to expect a new wave of events. Occurences leading up to possibly a new era. Though the numbers , (4000) are meager compared to previous counterparts, the results can not be underestimated. The men have longed for home since 2003 and a mass return will definitely shift gears. Here are some expectancies:

1. Health: Soldiers gone for 8 years will be shocked with the new way of health consciousness in america. Even though they may have heard of developments, facing them is a different ball game. STDs, Infectious diseases are possible to increase as unsanitory methods often deployed in the military will follow these soliders home . 8 years is a long time to develop a habit that can instantly be broken. Birth rate and abortions might increase as soldiers longing for home women spur on a sexual rampage.

2. Finance There is bound to be increased inflation. Soldiers who will receive immediate compensation are apt to spend sporadic amounts in the times to come especially given the line up of three immediate holidays - Christmas, New Years, and Valentine. Pouring out this instantaneous amount of money into the economy might benefit the GDP and in the long run cause unforeseen inflation. it might affect cost prices of items and lead to a reduction of supply for grossly demanded products.

3. Religion Increase in faith is unavoidable as many families reconnect with loved ones, soldiers beleive their prayers have been answered, and those who had near-death experiences find this as a sign from the divine. Religious groups will spring up in more numbers particularly in the South and rural areas.

4. Crime Crime is a factor with a sure mojo to increase. Soldiers acting out on their past, or present mental situations with difficult emotional traumas will develop complex socio-psychological issues involving a brash reaction in the community and personal homes. The sudden change of environment will be difficult to some to adjust to the new environment without war, violence and anger. The institutions might have to contribute to ensure these men, maintain a balanced social, mental, emotional and psychological well-being.

5. Technology Soldiers absent from the current events of the present (Facebook, Twitter, BBM, iPad, iPhone) will massively embark on a technological thirst show. Technology might expect to see uncharted growths in the current months as most soldiers get a wave of the new and latest technologies.

Other factors are possible food shortage, mass rebellion, aggression introduced into the political, educational and institutional systems, radicalism and promoted self-awareness and new military-based doctrines introduced to the public. 

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