Tyrann Mathieu - The tyrant waiting to crash, how much do you bet

Live comments from the draft: (sic

This guy is loser from the get go. Not real bright. Arrogant. Rude and self centered. He will wash out real fast. What a ghetto thug.

Cmon Tom sometimes you can judge someone just by listening to them speak. Oh and there actions as well. This kids entire existance is based on his athletic ability. If he couldnt play ball he would be sweeping floors somewhere.

No race cards, stupidity is stupidity and it transcends race and color of skin.

If I fail 2 drug tests, I don't have a job. He fails 10 and gets a chance at millions. Tell me how this is right.

Cannot believe they would draft a 20 year old into the NFL, let alone one that was kicked off his college team for drugs.

In 5 years we'll be reading about this idiot drug user, convicted of multiple felonies. Headed to prison and doesn't even know it yet. What a waste of flesh. Good riddance when he's finally out of the news.

This guy is a moron. Just listening to his interview after getting drafted was painful.

I loved to watch the Honey Badger play when he was at LSU. However the last two years have shown that this is a kid who will never learn. Draft him and give him money to get in even more trouble, good move Arizona. The tweets and comments he made during the days before the draft and during should have been enough to tell every team to stay away from him during the draft. He has all the potential of being the next PacMan Jones.

A thug, no chance that he makes it. As soon as the money hits his hand his instincts will lead him to do something stupid.

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