ochocinco - the story from grace to grass - a lesson to young men


Chad Johnson, who decided to change his name to Ochocinco, still confused about his identity Ochocinco carried on from different problems with different women and even with more broken women than himself. He divorced in less than a a year of marriage and lost his career to his tumultuous life style and inconsistent attitudes. Ochocinco, at 34 still does not know where to find his root or foundation. He is the only NBA/NFL player to have more than 10,000 tweets - relevant and important people are patient to speak, Ochocinco however seems to do a lot of talking on and off social media which constantly lands him in trouble. His AVIs on social media always gallivant from wanting to look 20 again to writing ridiculous over pretentious bios and tweets. Ochocinco will have to gather his life so he won't end up a fool at 40.

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