Ms Ochocinco throws shade - well now...

Goodness have mercy, Mrs Ochocinco and "hurr" unemployed ass can't stay without drama. First (s)he lost his job , fell out with Lozada, now is being shady on twitter? Yes, an idle man IS the devil's workshop. This old ass grown boy is on twitter, shouldn't he be queued up in unemployment office? 

The recent news is that Ochocinco's jumpoff (honestly her foreheadboard does look like a "jump-off") and Lozada keep going back and forth on twitter over an alleged photo of Ochocinco's tiny peen .. SIGH.. These basic hoes stay #loosing..
The whole thing started when the jump-off began Tweeting Evelyn because she was angry about getting dumped by Chad.. Why, we don't know! smh
Lozada has been warding off jumpoff after jumpoff,I don't get why these women clamor after average men (with little dicks), who give them the first compliment and beat their asses afterwards.. you can not love someone else until you love yourself .. low self esteem is an issue

Lawd have mercy on these 40 something year old excuse for a man 

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