Illuminati rejects Lil B's application for the 3rd time!!! GIVES HIM FINAL WARNING

Rapper Lil B is not in  good mood recently after being denied admission into the exclusive club for artistes and people who control the media. Lil B was known on record to admit "You gotta do what you gotta do" and decided to follow the likes of the "great" Jay-hova and Kanye and was willing to sacrifice his soul in order to become known. Still a frustrated Lil B complained sadly about how he filled out all the necessary papers, connected with all the right people, performed all the necessary sexual and ritual acts, and even came out as a homosexual and was very flaming with it, just to gain admission entry into The Illuminati and yet was rejected. A member of the exclusive group in an email I received after being confused about Lil B's success just as much as anyone else said,"

“A lot of people thought we were behind the unexplained success Lil B’s had, but were not and if we were …we still wouldn’t admit it.”
He has also been issued a cease and desist order to quit using the group's lingo, signs and copyright material and has been warned of legal ramifications.
Lil B has declined to make comments. 


  1. lil B name she be lil Bottom

  2. fucc lil b an fags an devilz


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