England's Royalty let loose after Olympics - Prince Harry naked in Vegas

Prince Harry Naked holding the crown jewels.
Prince Harry Partying Nude!
Prince Harry was getting BARE ASS NAKED during a game of strip billiards with a room full of friends in his VIP suite at Vegas friday night.  According to TMZ Harry, along with a large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot chicks ... and invited them up to his VIP suite. 

Once in the room, things got WILD ... with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity. 

Some of the partiers snapped photos of the madness. In one photo, a fully nude Harry cups his genitals while a seemingly topless woman stands behind him. (now we know the Prince has a little royal wee wee)

In another photo, a naked Harry is bear-hugging a woman who appears to be completely naked as well. 

No word on who the women are ... or if they got Harry's phone number. The Queen may not be smiling anytime soon especially after that boring opening olympics show.  No comments from the Royal Family has been made. 

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